What is a police record check

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Once the check is completed, a Victoria Police issued National Name and Fingerprint certificate will be provided. Common purposes that require a Livescan appointment include:. If a physical set of fingerprints are required, you will need to make an Ink appointment. Please check with the agency requesting your ink fingerprints whether they require the prints to be taken on a specific form. While fingerprints can be taken on a Victoria Police fingerprinting card, we will be unable to offer any refunds if the fingerprints are rejected due to the form being incorrect. Palm impressions are also taken if required.


Click here to make an appointment online. If you have accessibility concerns or your fingerprinting requirements fall outside the above, please call between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Please note, cash is not accepted. Most regional fingerprinting locations only operate one day per week for this service.

BCI & FBI Criminal Records Checks

Payment options at regional locations are cheque or money order. If you dispute some or all of the criminal history information resulting from your police check you must follow the guidelines to commence official dispute proceedings.

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Firstly you need to determine who conducted the check on your behalf. This could be Victoria Police, an interstate police jurisdiction where Victorian criminal history was released, or a private company authorised to conduct checks known as an Accredited Agency or Broker. If you submitted an application form directly to Victoria Police you need to put your dispute in writing, including a copy your photo ID eg current passport, driver licence and any relevant details to:.

In order to assist with the confirmation of identity, with regards to the resolution of any disputed criminal history information, you must provide as much additional information as possible. You may also be required to provide comparison fingerprints to assist in any determination however this will only be requested where necessary.

No fee will be charged for taking comparison fingerprints. If you submitted an application via an interstate police jurisdiction you need to lodge your dispute with them according to their dispute process.

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  • Police Record Checks – What Can They Disclose??

Please make direct contact with the specific police jurisdiction. The accredited body will arrange for you to complete an NPCS Dispute form which they will lodge on your behalf. Please visit ACIC accredited bodies. Office hours are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday Phone: Email: policecheckvic police. Skip to main content.

Criminal record checks

Check the status of your application. Ask for a reconsideration. Find services Criminal Law - Police stops and searches.

Record Check Services

Find services. Related Questions. The police have arrested me without a warrant.

What should I do? What are my rights if the police have a search warrant? How do I make a complaint about the police? Learn more about this topic. Government of Canada.

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Non-Conviction Records. John Howard Society of Ontario. Was this information helpful? Yes No. What's included in a police record check? This question has an answer and 5 steps. For example, a record check can't include information about you: being stopped and questioned by police being arrested but not charged with a crime having contact with the police because of a mental health crisis contacting the police to report a crime Fingerprints If you have any criminal convictions on file, you must have your fingerprints taken and given to the RCMP.

A criminal record check will not include: outstanding charges and warrants any crime that you got an absolute discharge for any crime that you got an conditional discharge for convictions where you were granted a record suspension pardon summary offences you were convicted of more than 5 years before you asked for the check If you don't have any criminal convictions, any police station can give you a clearance letter.

Criminal record and judicial matters check You may need a criminal record and judicial matters check when you apply for a job or volunteer position. But this information can't be included if: the finding was more than 5 years ago, or you got an absolute discharge. This information can be included only if: the law says that non-conviction information can be given about this crime , for example, crimes that are sexual assaults the person you were accused of hurting was a child or a vulnerable person there are reasonable grounds to believe that you have what the law calls a "pattern of predatory behavior", which shows that there's a risk you might harm a child or vulnerable person.

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