Texas statute of limitations on misdemeanors

The statute of limitations on fraud in Texas depends on the crime the defendant is being accused of. On the other hand, some types of fraud — such as forgery and theft that constitutes a breach of fiduciary duty in Texas — have a year statute of limitations. However, most types of fraud come with a statute of limitations of seven years.

For instance, Medicaid fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and credit and debit card abuse are all types of fraud that have a seven-year statute of limitations. Generally, the statute of limitations for crimes in Texas begins on the date the crime occurred. But in some cases, the statute of limitations period gets suspended. This occurs when the suspect leaves the state as a fugitive.

Once he or she is found, it continues.

Texas Statute of Limitations is Often Used as a Defense to Prosecution

The statute of limitations may also get suspended when the suspect is under indictment for a similar crime. Anyone who is concerned about the statute of limitations for a felony in Texas should seek legal advice from a Houston federal criminal defense lawyer immediately. Contact the Law Offices of Seth Kretzer today to learn more. I like that he talked about the pros and cons of each decision, gave me his recommendation, but made sure I knew I was the captain of the ship.

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Statute of Limitations in Texas

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Statute of Limitations in Texas

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Prosecutors can charge suspects with these crimes no matter how much time has passed since the alleged offense. There is no time limit related to prosecutions for sexual assault if biological matter is collected during the investigation and subjected to forensic DNA testing and the tests show the matter does not match the victim or any other person whose identity can be readily ascertained.

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A defendant may be charged after a positive DNA match many years after a sexual assault took place. There is no statute of limitations for sexual assault when probable cause exists to believe the defendant committed the same or a similar sexual offense against five or more victims. The application of the statute of limitations for various crimes is set out in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

The statute of limitations is usually extended if the victim is under the age of 17 when the crime is committed. The statute of limitations runs two years from the date when the crime was committed in the case of misdemeanor offenses in Texas.

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The statute of limitations and how it relates to crimes is a complex issue. An experienced Dallas criminal defense lawyer can advise you on this area of the law. Crimes When No Statute of Limitations is in Place in Texas The statute of limitations is not in place when the following crimes are committed: Murder and manslaughter; Offenses committed against young children; Sexual assault or aggravated assault; Human trafficking; Leaving the scene of an accident when a death has taken place; Compelling prostitution through threat or fraud or to someone under