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Common examples of vesting rules may include requiring the employee to work a specific number of years or reach a certain age before claiming the funds in the account. Although unvested pensions are marital property, you may want to speak with an experienced attorney to determine whether calculating your portion is worth the effort. Your QDRO must match your divorce settlement terms, including the specifics, like what percentage or amount to distribute to the non-employee spouse.

Some retirement plans require pre-approval of the QDRO before you can submit it for court. Once the court approves it and issues the related order for division of the account, the plan will begin the distribution process. Although it costs more upfront, hiring a QDRO expert can save both spouses money by ensuring the order is drafted correctly. If your spouse contributed to a k account, you could complete the QDRO process, and the plan will typically pay you in a lump-sum amount.

More commonly, pension plans pay a monthly benefit for life to the non-employee spouse beginning when the spouse reaches retirement age and meets the vesting requirements. One alternative is for the employee spouse to pay the other spouse his or her share of the pension.

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Another alternative to dividing a retirement account is to provide the non-employee spouse a larger share of the marital property equal to the amount of the pension share. Divorce on its own is complicated, but when you add property division and retirement accounts, the task can be daunting.

If you have questions, contact an experienced family law attorney near you. Skip to Main Content. By Melissa Heinig , Attorney. Find answers to some common questions about how courts divide retirement accounts and pensions in a divorce.

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Questions What is the difference between a pension and other retirement accounts? Is pension sharing automatic in divorce? How does the court divide pension accounts? Does age matter when it comes to pension distribution? Do I need to tell the pension plan about the divorce and pension division? When will I receive funds from my spouse's retirement account? Is Pension Sharing Automatic in Divorce? Yes, if you would like a third party e. While all correspondence will be sent to the designated third party, please keep in mind they will not have the authority to sign the forms and required documents on your behalf.

Where do I send my application?

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Calculating the Family Law Value. How does the purchase of a leave or buy-back factor into the FLV calculation? How is the FLV calculated? The pension valuation for marriage breakdown is the process to calculate the FLV. What assumptions will be used to calculate the FLV?

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Dividing the Plan Benefit. If my former spouse is transferring a portion of the FLV, do they receive the lump-sum amount in cash?

Marital Portion

Generally no. Is there a time limit for applying for a division of the member's pension? No, there is no time limit to apply. This is because the member was in receipt of a pension that did not factor in any payments that could have been made to the former spouse. What must be submitted in order to complete the division of the Plan benefit? You can use the funds to buy back service if you have credited service to buy back. Learn more about maximizing your pension through buy backs. Legal Documents.

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Do I need to submit the entire legal document e. Is a court order issued outside of Ontario that gives direction to equalize my pension assets valid? What if there was an amendment to the legal document? What information must be contained within the legal document?

What is a certified copy? Please be advised that OMERS will only accept certification of court orders, arbitration awards, separation agreements or other domestic contracts by the following individuals: Lawyer Commissioner of Oaths Notary Public. Will OMERS accept a separation agreement or do I have to provide a court order, family arbitration award or domestic contract? There are three types of domestic contracts: marriage contract, cohabitation agreements and separation agreements Separation agreements are the most common type of domestic contract negotiated between couples.

Any court order, family arbitration award or domestic contract submitted to OMERS will need to be a certified copy in order to be accepted for the purpose of your FLV application. Post Division Impact to Your Pension. Am I able to buy back the portion of my pension which has been carved out due to the split?

Does the division affect my retirement eligibility? The service you have accrued in the Plan remains the same for eligibility purposes. Can I request an estimate of the impact to my pension — due to the value paid out to my former spouse? Will my annual Pension Report reflect my adjusted pension amount? Will the division affect my pension? Death Benefit. Is there any way to remove my former spouse from my survivor benefits if they were my retirement-date spouse?

What happens if I pass away before my former spouse while they are receiving a portion of my monthly pension?

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  5. If you and your former spouse were married; and not living separate and apart at your retirement date; or your former spouse did not waive their entitlement to survivor benefits within the month period prior to your retirement date; your former spouse will get a survivor pension for the remainder of their life. If you pass away before your former spouse and they are not your retirement-date spouse, there are no further benefits payable following your death. What happens if my former spouse passes away while receiving a portion of my pension?