Minnesota state marriage license requirements

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Demanding A Marriage License In Minnesota

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The application does NOT need to be printed by the applicants. Signatures will be done in person at the time of completion and payment in the Recorder's Office. Applicants must appear in person to complete the application process within 90 days. Permanent address for mailing the Certified Marriage Certificate to the couple after the marriage ceremony. If you are unsure of an address, a parent's address or some other permanent address can be used.

Name Change Information Once you have received the Certified Marriage Certificate in the mail, if a name change was requested on the application, your passport, driver's license and Social Security card will need to be changed. Marriage License. A license issued in Stearns County can be used anywhere in the state but it must then be filed back in Stearns County.

A marriage license may be applied and paid for online.

Please bring along proof of identification. The parties applying for the marriage license will need to know the following information for both parties:. The non-appearing party's signature must be notarized on this form. This is to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the appearing party.

The marriage license cannot be issued until the verification statement has been received. The supplement form may be turned in by the appearing party and the marriage license can then be issued the same day as long as all documentation has been received. You Should Know. Visit our Virtual License Center to view current fees and apply online.

How to Apply for a Marriage License in Minnesota

The marriage license fee can be reduced for parties who have completed at least 12 hours of premarital education and present a Statement of Premarital Education. Premarital education statements must adhere to the following requirements:. Certificates that do not meet these requirements will be rejected as proof of premarital education.

A Marriage Certificate copy of record can only be obtained in the county in which the couple filed the marriage license. So the License Center can only issue certificates for marriage licenses that were filed in Stearns County. The following is needed to request a copy of a marriage certificate :. The License Center maintains a list of people to contact to perform marriage ceremonies.