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The tools we employ come from cutting-edge science, the healing power of the personal therapeutic connection, and historical spiritual practice. I collaborate expectantly and with commitment with those who seek healing from trauma, renewal in their relationships, freedom from destructive behavior patterns, stability in thought and mood, clarity in purpose and values, and a sharper life-focus.

Steve Garman Psychologist , PsyD. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and certified Jungian Analyst. My experience includes working with individuals, couples, and families who might be struggling with emotional and relationship difficulties, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and parent-child conflicts.

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I believe that investing time into discovering our inner selves enables us to truly view our relationships and the world with a clear and conscious perspective. It is through this investment that we are able to achieve growth, inner peace, joy, and move through our deepest pain and grief carrying a new and pivotal piece of ourselves. A positive male role model for you and your children is possible.

A man that can hear you, validate you, and accept you as you are. When we are children, often we see unhealthy family patterns, with drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, and cheating between family members. Do you want to live a different life from the way you were raised? You tell me what you would like to change, and that goal with your hard work can happen. I look forward to meeting you and discussing your wants and needs.

I believe most "problems and issues" are more managable than we know, and our lives are more incredible than we believe. How about finding out! I believe the goal is to enhance the individual's ability to manage one's feelings and behaviors, make sound decisions, achieve personal goals, realize potential, and feel more in charge of his or her life. If you want to learn how to relate, communicate and experience a better relationship, come and find out and discover the potential you have. For couples in Pomona, the closest branch offices are the East Los Angeles location and the Norwalk location.

The branch offices are open Monday through Friday. Marriage license applications should be submitted before p. Marriage licenses can be processed on the same day that the application is received.

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Both the bride and groom should be at least 18 years of age. They must both be currently unmarried. Blood tests and other test results such as health certificates are not necessary in order to receive a marriage license in Los Angeles County. Couples also do not need to be residents of Pomona in order to apply. A Los Angeles County marriage license expires 90 days after the license is issued. How many days it will take to apply a birth certificate for my son. I need to travel India with in a month so I want birth certificate as soon as possible.

For expedite birth certificate is there any extra fees? Hello and thank you for your question. For the state of PA the fastest option is to go in person and obtain the birth certificate the same day. They have 6 different location with in the state that you can visit: Order in person at one of these 6 public office locations: Erie, Harrisburg, New Castle, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Philadelphia. If you no longer are in or near any of these locations then the next option is to order through vitalchek.

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We are the authorized service provider for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The Birth certificate fee is For more detailed information please feel free to contact us directly at or visit vitalchek.

To obtain a passport you will need to take your certified copy of the birth certificate to the passport office and place your order. That is a separate process. Hello Phillip.

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  7. Thanks for reaching out with your question. We are unaware of any reason other than adoption that a TN birth record may be sealed. Hello Vicky and thank you for your question. Since you were adopted at birth you would want to make sure that you are entering your information from after adoption.

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    You will not be able to order a birth certificate with your biological parents names on it. If you have already tried to order the record using your adopted parents information and they have been unable to assist you then you may want to verify if you were legally adopted. Make sure you are trying to order it from the correct office.

    There can be different procedures when ordering a certificate if you were adopted. You can contact the Baltimore office at Thank you, Nichole H.

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    What about a person who was adopted at birth, and after sixty-five years have been unsuccessful in finding out who her mother, father and possible siblings are? Who are able to find and release her sealed records? Hello King. There are countless links for adoptee support groups and information about laws concerning access to adoption records. You may also want to contact the vital records agency that issued the post adoption birth certificate for more information on how to unseal a record.

    I have my original BC that States who my biological parents are but now at 63 finding out that said biological father may not be him. BC also states I have 3 siblings as well. Is this fact? I am having a DNA test done but I am devastated. How could a PA Vital Record be incorrect? All I can think of how I can possibly save someone else this same pain. Looking for any available resources to help me find some answers. Thank you.

    How to Apostille a San Francisco California Marriage Certificate