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In the event of your absence, you will receive a delivery notice with instructions on redelivery. Please make sure to receive it within the storage period, or else it will be returned to the sender. Online application is also available via a smartphone or a personal computer.

Application for issuance of the Individual Number Card is here.

The My Number System in Japan and how it affects non-Japanese

Please tear it off and keep it until your Individual Number Card is issued. A notification card that includes your digit Individual Number My Number and an application form for issuance of the Individual Number Card are sent from your municipality. Keep your notification card safe because it is a document which certifies your Individual Number. In addition, it is really recommended to make an application for issuance of the Individual Number Card because it has a wide range of advantages other than certification of the Individual Number and the issuance fee will be free for the time being.

My Number? What Number?

No stamp required. Send it after checking the points described on the back side of the return envelope and stating your name and address on it. To download the materials for an envelope, here. The card is available when requested to present My Number the Individual Number at a counter of administrative organs, etc.


In addition, if you will receive the Individual Number Card, you must return the notification card to your municipality. Procedures for re-issuance can be completed at your local municipal office, but they require a receipt number from a police station or police box. Bring the copy of your receipt number to your local municipal office and conduct re-issuance procedures.

Japan launches ‘My Number’ national ID system

It will be sent using recorded delivery to the address appearing in your residential record to the householder to all residents. This includes foreigners starting from the beginning of October till approximately the end of November Please keep your notification card until you receive the actual Individual Number Card. If you would like to know the number you can ask the person helping you and they will write it down for you.

Foreign residents are now also covered by the Basic Resident Registration System

After some time, a notification card will arrive at your home along with an application and an extra envelope. Take a photo I.

11 Things You Need To Know About The New My Number System - GaijinPot

For further details regarding the application method and how to receive the card, please see the web-page below:. More detail about when to use the card and some of the conveniences it offers are described below. For foreign residents, the card will provide various conveniences because the card can be used as proof of your identity and also used for various on-line applications and public services.

While an Individual Number Card is convenient, careful attention is necessary in its handling and safekeeping. It is your choice whether or not to carry the card with you when you do not need to use it. But many may want to put it in their wallet and carry it all the time as the card acts as a form of personal identification. If by chance, your card happens to have been stolen or lost, please contact the following agency.

It is valid throughout your entire lifetime.

If you lose it, fill out an application for suspension as soon as possible. If you think you have lost your card, the first thing that should be done is to call the Individual Number Card call center, and request for temporary suspension of the card. Weekdays am - pm Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays am — pm Excluding year-end and New Year days. The opening hours are same.

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As a result, administrative agencies will get to know more about the submission of tax returns and the tax payment situation of foreign employees. When they apply for Permission for Extension of Period of Stay or for permanent residency, but they are not fulfilling their tax obligations, it will be evaluated as a negative factor. Companies need to pay attention to this and instruct employees as necessary.