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How to Decode your Chevelle’s Vin Code

Chevelle Identification Literature. Chevelle Owners Manuals. Chevelle Shop Manuals. Chevelle Wiring Manuals. The Essential Chevrolet Parts Reference. Restoring your Chevrolet to original factory specifications? You'll find the casting numbers that correspond to your car's Vehicle Identification Number. With this correct information you will avoid buying - and being sold - the wrong parts. Buying a Chevrolet that has been restored? These numbers will help you determine whether or not the car has been authentically restored, and whether it's a smart investment.

Searching for factory high-performance parts at swap meets? Wiring diagram for 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72 model Chevelle. Laminated and in full color. This is very detailed with all the color coded wiring matching the same colors in your factory harness. The diagrams cover the wiring from bumper to bumper, including interior.

1966 Chevelle Vehicle Identification Number

It has a durable laminated coating for easy clean up. This is easier to read than the old black and white wiring diagrams. Super detailed. Very nice! One dash has a "sweep style" rectangular shaped speedometer, the other style had round openings. A reprint of the actual factory instruction manual. Chevelle Factory Assembly Manuals. This factory manual gives all the information you'll need for servicing your Chevelle. The manual includes procedures for maintenance and adjustments, minor service operations, removal and installation of components and a wealth of General Motors service operations techniques.

If there is one book devoted to the care of your Camaro, this is the one. Some manuals include the entire Chevrolet line excluding Corvette. Whether you own a Camaro or another Chevrolet model, this manual will supply the important and pertinent information for correct maintenance prodedures. Written by General Motors.

Decoding Your Chevelle’s Vin Code

A must for any Camaro owner. Approximately pages. Fisher body service manual for 67 Chevelle. All Fisher body manuals have the complete body information on the essential removal, installation, and adjustment procedures for servicing each year model. Line 1: Body production date of vehicle.

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A typical production date would be: 06C This production date tells us the Chevelle in question was produced in June 06 in the third week C. Caveat: Unfortunately, plants were open to deciding what a 'week' is in relation to specific dates. Therefore, the date ranges shown on the pages where they appear may or may not be correct. To conform to some standard for the data presented, letter "A" represents dates , letter "B" represents dates , letter "C" represents dates , letter "D" represents dates , and letter "E" represents dates as applicable.

The first number 66 on line 2 is the year of production, the 5 numbers that follow is the Fisher Body Style designation, then assembly plant designation, and finally the Fisher Body unit number used for production purposes. See the Introduction page for more information. These groups may be listed on 1 line or 2, depending on the number of options to be installed on the Chevelle. Additionally, a hand stamped number of unknown meaning is often found at various locations on the plate.

See Atlanta Body Plates. See Flint Body Plates. Fremont lists tracking codes on line 5.

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