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The fog of war is felt by American soldiers, Islamic jihadists, and the innocent Iraqi civilians caught in the cross hairs, and Mr. Van Reet tells their intertwining stories with an emotional intensity and precision that is utterly believable. His book is a testament to the power of fiction to mine deeper truths. Domestic terrorism has taken many forms since the horrific events of September 11th.

From these disparate acts, a sinister pattern of domestic terrorism has emerged as American Muslim men and women are radicalized from afar by extremist groups like ISIS.

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In his latest book, titled United States of Jihad , Mr. Bergen discusses the social and political influences that can transform average Muslim Americans into homegrown terrorists. These days, the terrorist organization known as ISIS has much of the world on high alert. A Spokane pastor was in Boise last week to warn Idaho lawmakers that refugees pose a security threat to the United States. A lawyer, he has directed the U.

A federal jury in August convicted Kurbanov of conspiracy, attempting to support a terrorist organization and possession of bomb-making components.

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Supporters of refugees in Idaho are holding a rally Saturday , in response to the attacks in Paris and to send a message to state lawmakers. Fazliddin Kurbanov, a Russian-speaking truck driver who fled Uzbekistan in , was arrested two years ago by federal authorities who said he was determined to carry out an attack on U.

Prosecutors also said he provided computer support and money to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which the U. A federal trial begins this week for an Uzbek refugee charged with supporting a terrorist organization. Fazliddin Kurbanov, a Russian-speaking truck driver who fled Uzbekistan in , was arrested in by federal authorities who said he was teaching people to build bombs to target public transportation.

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Attorney Wendy Olson said Friday in a press release that a meeting this week between the various groups was the first step in building stronger connections. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France that claimed 17 lives sent shock waves around the world and heightened concerns about growing tensions between Islamic extremists and the West. Aaron Zelin, is an expert on global jihadist groups, and he researches global terrorist organizations such as ISIS, how they operate and how they are changing.

Mohammed is considered the mastermind behind the September 11, terrorist attacks.

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Idaho Senator Mike Crapo spent some time Wednesday remembering the confusion and fear of that day. He was in the U. I will hunt mule deer for one month in October, during which time if I am lucky enough to find one, I will harvest just one mule deer'. Kate with her fiance Justin and their one-year-old daughter Finley. She says people say things to her online, 'I'd never wish on my worst enemy. I've had hundreds of people threaten to rape and murder my one-year old daughter'.

Small cutting a kill after backcountry hunting. Finding the right areas, setting up trail cameras, tracking the animal's habits and preparing for days to weeks in the backcountry'. Animals Small does not eat are used for mountings in her home in Idaho. She said: 'I salvage as much of the animal as I possibly can. I always keep the head and hide for mounting'. Registered nurse Kate Small hunting hogs in Texas.

She said: 'I don't hunt anything I won't eat. I never take an animal for fun, it's for food or for conservation'.

Authorities arrest man in Idaho in terrorism case

I never take an animal for fun, it's for food or for conservation. As a result of her social media posts, Small has received thousands of death threats online, some even targeting her one-year-old daughter as well as her pet dogs. She added: 'I have actually received thousands of death threats. People saying things I'd never wish on my worst enemy. I've had hundreds of people also threaten to rape and murder my one-year old daughter.

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I recall one person saying, ''I'm going to put your baby in a blender and listen to her scream''. I usually laugh the death threats off, if you are threatening someone who hunts apex predators for a living, you mustn't be very bright. Small claims hunting certain animals was less cruel than them dying from nature causes.

Small hunted an eland bull in South Africa. She added: 'By sharing my hunts on social media, I hope to show women that hunting isn't just a man's sport. That women too can possess the knowledge and endurance it takes to get out there and fend for themselves while still maintaining their femininity'. She noted the investigation is ongoing but declined to say whether federal agents are pursuing additional arrests.

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Kurbanov said little Friday during his first court appearance, where he pleaded not guilty with help from an interpreter and a federally appointed defense attorney. Kurbanov will be held in the Ada County Jail. His trial on the three counts filed in Idaho is scheduled for July 2. His lawyer, Richard Rubin, declined to comment. Kurbanov is among about Uzbeks living in Idaho. He was admitted to the United States as a refugee in August , the same month he moved to Boise, said Jan Reeves, director of the Idaho Office for Refugees, citing immigration records.

Kurbanov was here legally, federal officials said. The centers connect refugees with services such as language classes and help finding work.