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You will also need to pay a fee for this service. Johnson has been completing freelance writing work since September Her work includes writing website content and small client projects. Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits. On top of that, Read More to narrow your focus. It will reveal any recent notable achievements or infamous scandals.

To set up a Google Alert, head to google. Click on Show Options to customize settings such as language, region, and notification frequency. There are lots of search engines out there. These 13 alternative search engines can take care of a few niche jobs for you. Read More to learn more. Estimates suggest that in , 77 percent of people in the United States have at least one social media profile. You should scan all the usual haunts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some professionals may maintain their LinkedIn profile as their only social media presence. Which records are available online is hit-and-miss.

You also be able to check documents such as land use certificates and company registers to see if the person has any entries connected to their name. Zabasearch is a good starting point, but it will return a massive amount of information. It pulls information from openly available records like court records, voter registration information, and Yellow Pages etc. To manage the deluge of information, you can narrow it down to a state for starters.

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Most of the information is available free of charge and you should exhaust all your search options before taking the paid route. VitalRec will help you find birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees for every state, county, and town records office in the United States. The site also has some international records. It contains the databases for all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, U. It includes photos, documents, and searchable databases are available. Note that the data is not exhaustive. After all, almost one in every American adults is behind bars.

You can check the nationwide list of detainees on the official Federal Bureau of Prisons website. There are a number of different ways to do a military lookup by name, or even address or phone number. Been Verified advertises that people have used their services for over 7 million downloads. Like the other services it produces results in a matter of minutes, making it extremely convenient. You will have to pay, but for those that need quick and accurate results — it is very reliable.

Here are your answers to some other questions frequently asked about free military background check and military lookup by name services:. Unfortunately, there is no specific database that exists on the web as a people search only for members of the military.

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It is actually a great idea for verification purposes, but as of now no such thing exists. There are many different ways that you can prove your military service to potential employers as well as to receive government benefits.

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The best way is to provide a DD to the employer. You may request additional documentation by contacting the National Archives. In certain cases, a military ID may be sufficient enough for an employer.

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  6. In general though, a DD is the most suitable. No, unfortunately there are no free military background check services. The best online background checks cost a fee and could help recover military records, if any show up in public record searches. However, there is no free service dedicated percent to military checks.

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    There are many ways to check to see if someone was in the military. Some may takes days or weeks to get verified. Others, like online background checks, may produce results in minutes yet cost a fee. Regardless, it is important for employers to confirm military service, or for someone like a significant other that wants to make sure someone is not lying to them.

    Are military service records public? Short answer, yes AND no. It all depends on when the service member served. For example, you can access the military records of anyone who served 62 years or more ago. However, you cannot access the military records of anyone prior to that. How can I verify military service? All of these options are discussed in thorough detail in our article linked above. Is faking military service a crime? The Stolen Valor Act of , which has been hotly contested in the top US courts, makes it a federal crime to claim certain military awards, commendations, or medals, in return for personal or financial gain.

    What is a DD? A DD is an official document that is issued to a service-member upon completion of their service. It lists things like the date they entered service, what their ultimate rank was, schools they attended, and awards received. Where are military records kept?

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    Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Below are 6 ways to verify someones military service. This is where the service is a bit lacking, in my opinion. For some, this may be enough. Image: TheBlueDiamondGallery. Direct from the official FOIA website Most public records request require no personal information or explanation on your part. The 9 foia exemptions. Source: Fincen. FOIA exclusions.

    FOIA requests can take as long as 8 weeks. Image: Pixabay. Image: Army. The information is made available upon written request to the National Personnel Records Center. Step 2: Download and print a copy of the SF Step 3: Fill out the form SF After 10 days file an Online Status Update Request form.

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