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Located in central New Hampshire, north of Hillsborough County, Merrimack County has the fourth highest property tax rates of the state's 10 counties. The average effective property tax rate in Merrimack County is 2.

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The largest city in Merrimack County is Concord. The total mill rate in Concord is about Of that, more than half went to schools. The municipality collected about 15 mills for schools, and the county collected 2.

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  7. Strafford County is located in eastern New Hampshire, along the border with Maine. It contains the cities of Dover and Rochester. The average effective property tax rate in Strafford County is 2. Thinking about buying a home in the White Mountains? The average effective property tax rate in Grafton County is 2. Located in southwest New Hampshire, along the borders with Vermont and Massachusetts, Cheshire County has the second highest property tax rates of any county in New Hampshire.

    The average effective property tax rate in Cheshire County is 2. Belknap County, which runs along the western shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, has among the lowest property tax rates in New Hampshire. In Laconia, the largest city in the county, the mill rate is In smaller towns, however, the rate is far lower.

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    In Meredith, for example, the total rate was just The average effective property tax rate in the county is 1. Located in western New Hampshire, Sullivan County has the highest property tax rates in the state. In Claremont, which is the largest city in the county, the total rate is According to the U. Zoom between states and the national map to see the counties getting the biggest bang for their property tax buck.

    Our study aims to find the places in the United States where people are getting the most for their property tax dollars. To do this we looked at school rankings, crime rates and property taxes for every county. We created an average score for each district by looking at the scores for every school in that district, weighting it to account for the number of students in each school.

    Within each state, we assigned every county a score between 1 and 10 with 10 being the best based on the average scores of the districts in each county. Using the school and crime numbers, we calculated a community score. This is the ratio of the school rank to the combined crime rate per , residents. We used the number of households, median home value and average property tax rate to calculate a per capita property tax collected for each county. Finally, we calculated a tax value by creating a ratio of the community score to the per capita property tax paid.

    This shows us the counties in the country where people are getting the most bang for their buck, or where their property tax dollars are going the furthest.

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    The Municipal and Property Division assists and educates municipalities with the methods of appraisal and assessment of real property including exemptions and credits and current use. The division develops and produces educational classes on assessing related fields statewide. At no expense to the municipality, the division monitors revaluations for quality and accuracy and reviews assessing contracts and makes recommendations thereon to municipalities RSA J They equalize the local assessed valuation of each municipality to bring such valuations to the full and true market value of the property RSA J:3, XIII.

    Municipalities may also utilize these values for their public utility property. They also administer the Gravel and Timber Taxes. Coming soon.

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