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The ombudsman is responsible for reviewing complaints regarding public agencies' compliance with the law and acts as mediator in the resolution of these complaints. The person in this position is also in charge of informing any interested party -- individuals, media, and government officials -- about what the law requires.

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They also work jointly with the Right to Know Advisory Committee to improve the law, reflecting new legislative and public developments. In a further effort to ensure that everyone is granted unobstructed access to its public records, the state of Maine has put in place an appeal procedure. Making a Public Records Request There is no standardized application form for public record requests and there is no single custodian of these records in Maine, as in all other states.

Basically, every government agency keeps the records that pertain to its functions, which could serve as a starting tip when embarking on a public records search. There is a helpful list of contacts at Maine.

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A rule of thumb when making a public records request is to be as specific as possible in explaining what records you need. If possible, include information about the particular document's author, date of creation and title. In case this is impossible, try to describe the type of record that you are looking for in as much detail as you can, including a timeframe and the record's subject.

This will help the record custodians do their job more quickly and effectively, which will ultimately benefit you, saving you time and money; too broad a request will yield a lot of documents, and fees for public record access are usually set per document. The average response time for such requests is three working days. If the records you need are available in electronic form, they will be sent to you by email but if they are only available as hard copies, the Library will mail them to you, fax them or deliver them with FedEx.

Bear in mind that these options involve additional delivery fees. The Library also advises that if your request is likely to be lengthy or more complex, it is better submitted by mail to the address given at the website. If you want to check somebody's driving history, you can do so via the website of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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This option only yields uncertified records. For certified driving history records, you will need to contact the Bureau by phone at , extension The online database has two types of records, either for the past three years or for the past ten years. The fee for the search depends on the type.

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Registered genealogists may only obtain a non-certified copy of a record, unless they can meet the above requirements for obtaining a certified copy. They may only view or obtain a copy of a birth, death, or marriage record. Birth records 75 years or older, marriage records 50 years or older, death records 25 years or older and fetal deaths 50 years or older are considered public records and informational copies can be issued to anyone requesting them.

The Maine Office of Vital Records does not permit or allow any records, whether certified or non-certified, to be faxed to any individual, business, or institution. If a person needs a certified record faxed to the airport for travel, that person must contact the Office of Vital Records in Augusta, Maine. Municipal Clerks may not fax certified or non-certified copies of any birth, death, or marriage unless the Office of Vital Records has given authorization to the Clerk.

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Birth records are available at the Town Office in the town where the child was born, at the Town Office in the town where the parents were living at the time the child was born, and in Augusta at the Office of Vital Records. Proof of identity must be presented to the Town Clerk. Identification requirements apply whether the records are requested in person or by mail.

Certified copies may be obtained at the Town Office during regular business hours. In order to obtain a birth certificate through the mail, the applicant needs to fill out a vital records search application and enclose a copy of proper identification and proof of lineage, if applicable.

Death records are available at the Town Office where the death occurred, at the Town Office where the decedent lived at the time of death, and in Augusta at the Office of Vital Records.

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More information on this issue may be found at www. In order to obtain a death certificate through the mail, the applicant needs to fill out a vital records search application and enclose a copy of proper identification and proof of lineage, if applicable. When the Town Clerk completes the marriage license, the bride and groom will be given the license along with a paper explaining to the person performing the ceremony how to fill out the ceremony section of the marriage license.

The marriage license and informational sheet should be presented to the person performing the wedding ceremony pastor, notary public, etc. That person is responsible for filling out the ceremony section of the marriage license and obtaining two witness signatures. They are also responsible for returning the marriage license back to the issuing Town Clerk within 7 days of the wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom are not permitted to submit the marriage license to the Town Clerk after the wedding ceremony. To find a list of Maine Notaries click here. After the license is recorded, the bride and groom may obtain a Certificate of Marriage from the Town Clerk. Please note that the Town Clerk does not automatically mail the certificate of marriage.