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According to the severity of the committed crime and, more importantly, the received sentence, most entries are deleted after 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, respectively. The only sentences exempt from this rule are life imprisonment, preventive detention and commitment in a mental hospital. Unlike other countries listed on this article, Hong Kong authorities do not allow for access to criminal records by employers or school purposes. To pardon persons convicted of criminal offences or commute their penalties".

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Criminal records are not purged regardless of time or seriousness of the case. A criminal database exists in Hungary which is allowed for under the 85th Act of on the criminal database and the official certificate of criminal record. Investigative authorities, public prosecutors offices and criminal courts all contribute to the databases. For people imprisoned for an intentional offence, data will be removed 15 years after their release. If the offence was committed recklessly, then the data will be removed 5 years after release [54] The data is not publicly accessible, but a person can obtain the data held about themselves upon request.

However, section 4 of the Data Protection Act allows individuals to make a formal request in writing to the Garda Criminal Records Office to access personal data held about them. Additionally, a third party may also be able to access your personal data on your behalf. In Ireland, criminal convictions remain on the criminal record system for life if the offence was committed after the individual turned 18, as there are currently no legislative provisions which provide for the expungement of criminal convictions.

Ireland remains the only country in the EU and one of the only countries in the Council of Europe area to not have such legislation.

However, under Section of the Children Act , offences committed by those under eighteen years of age can be expunged from the record once certain conditions are met: where a person has been found guilty of an offence and:. In other words, your conviction will become spent. There is no official sex offender registry in Ireland. Italy has a criminal record system held at the Criminal Records Bureau in Rome, governed by the department of Justice.

Who can apply? Anyone who is an Italian citizen or is a non-citizen but has resided in Italy for a significant period of time can apply to see the records at the criminal records bureau or at one of their offices located in Italy. They can also apply from the UK. What is included in the information in which they receive?

Penal Certificate — details of all criminal offences, court hearings and outcomes. Civil Certificate — contains information regarding bankruptcy, mental competency, and information regarding expulsion from Italy. General Certificate — Similar to Penal Certificate but also includes any information regarding expulsion from Italy. Information that is included includes, full name, date of birth, place of birth, reason for request, type of request. Can someone get their record expunged?

Yes, Generally speaking, the record of an individual is expunged once the individual reaches 80 years of age or death. As the Italian system hold information regarding pending trails, once the guilty verdict is confirmed, it can take 3—10 years for their record to be expunged. Information relating to the criminal records of Latvians is held at the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior.

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The aim of this Centre — through the collection of information relating to crime — is to facilitate and investigate the most effective ways in which crime can be prevented to ensure public safety. If a Latvian individual needs a certificate of their criminal history, they can electronically request this through www. They may need this record of their criminal history to submit to employers, study overseas or enter into marriage.

This record can only be obtained in person at the Ministry of Interior Information Centre or it can be received through registered mail. Therefore, information about an offender's criminal history is not accessible to all members of the public. In accordance with Latvian law, most criminal records are terminated after several years. The amount of time for this to occur is dependent on the nature and scope of the legal sanction for that crime. These cancelled records are still held in Information Centre records, and are readily available if the individual involved authorises the disclosure of the entire record.

It is administered by the IT and Communications Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior which was appointed as the processing body in charge of ensuring the proper functioning and data management of the Register. The register maintains records provided by the courts, pre-trial investigation institutions, national and local prosecution services, the prison department and the police criminal investigations centre. The Department also collects and accumulates information received from foreign countries on the convictions of Lithuania in these countries.

With the consent of the individual, the Ministry of the Interior provides individuals and third parties with two types of disclosure: a Personal Certificate, containing information about unspent convictions only; and a Personal History Statement, comprising a full criminal record disclosure both spent and unspent convictions. In Lithuania, judgments will be removed from the Register immediately after the completion of the sentence, depending on the seriousness of the sentence.

For high-risk recidivists 10 years from completion of sentence , very serious offences 8 years , serious offences 5 years , less serious offences 3 years , suspended sentences immediately on completion of sentence. In cases of minors, convictions incurring custodial sentences remain unspent for half the period of time stated above.

The criminal record system in Luxembourg is maintained under the authority of the State Prosecutor General. It contains information about convictions from Luxembourg criminal courts and, under certain conditions, foreign courts.

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For a person with a clear criminal record, access to it is free and they may access it by email or post. For those with convictions, a fee applies and should present personally to the City Criminal Court for their extract. Requests can be made in writing if outside the country or in person at the Malta Police Headquarters in Floriana.

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According to Conduct Certificate Ordinance, [70] Chapter 77 of the Laws of Malta, [71] a court order is required to issue a Conduct Certificate of someone other than the person which it refers to. Information contained in the Conduct certificate includes a declaration of whether the person is in good conduct or a declaration containing the convictions recorded against the person. In Malta there is provision under the Probation Act for conviction to be removed from the criminal record.

Criminal records are kept for a maximum of 10 years. Malta has recently introduced a sex offenders register. The legislation which enacted the introduction of the register is the Protection of Minors Registration Act The application will then be heard in court. The Act states that it is a criminal offence to employ a registered person into an entity which deals with education, care, custody, welfare or upbringing of minors. Technically spoken all Dutch people do have an empty criminal record.

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A criminal record will be created after sentencing because of a violation or crime. The record will exist for 5 years in case of violations or 20 years for crimes. If the sentence is three years of imprisonment or longer, 30 years will be added at the time the criminal record will be stored. A traffic violation according to the Mulder law will not be stored in a criminal record, unless there will be a trial. Normally the traffic fine is given by a police officer, and the payment is generally done by banking.

There won't be a trial, nor an addition in a criminal record. In case of sexual crimes article b the criminal record will be destroyed after 80 years. For a person to be eligible to join certain professions, it may required that the person not have a criminal record or to pass an ethics review based upon the nature and seriousness of any past convictions.

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Professions that may not be open to those with criminal records or serious convictions include legal practice, teaching, and law enforcement. A foreign national with a criminal record may be prevented from getting a visa to enter the country. The VOG will be given if the person:. There is a criminal register for the Netherlands. The Netherlands took part in the Network of Judicial Registers pilot project, with 10 other countries, exchanging information on criminal records electronically. This was brought about in order to reduce the manual labour associated with the previous system.

Judicial Documentation Data can be requested firstly by the individual involved.