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Reeves, and after careful consideration, decided to hire Mr. Reeves to handle my divorce, which was complicated with a custody fight. I am very pleased with the attention I was giving to my case and with the outcome.

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Reeves is trustworthy, knowledgeable and if for some reason he was not able to talk with me when I called his office, his friendly stuff updated me about what was going on in my case. Let Attorney Roy Reeves put his more than 15 years experience in child custody, child support, divorce and family law issues to work for you.

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Call us toll free: Adoption f you are considering adopting your spouse's child from a prior relationship and you live in Plano, Texas, Frisco, Texas, Child Support Roy L. Divorce Divorce is a matter of law reserved to the States. Couple mediating a divorce.

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Reeves Law Firm, P. Although this level may be adjusted based upon individual circumstances, these guidelines are often followed closely. Circumstances change. If your circumstances or those of your child's other parent have changed substantially, you may be able to modify the child support payments.

A parent suffering a particular financial hardship may be temporarily exempt from child support, or a modification of the child custody arrangement may also prompt a change in the child support payments. If you want to seek a modification of your child support arrangements, or if your child's other parent is seeking to modify these arrangements, we can effectively represent you.

Modifying a Child Support Order in Texas

We will protect your interests and those of your child. When you need assistance from an experienced attorney, contact the Shapiro Law Firm by calling Please enter a valid email address. Please verify that you have read the disclaimer. In other words, the U. Constitution does not give th Time, the best gift a father can give his child. A Judge can use jail as a sanction in family law contempt proceedings. Attorney Roy L. Additionally, contemp t for failure to pay child support or contempt for refusing to obey court orders related to child visitation are both quasi-criminal matters.

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That means you need a lawyer who knows both family law and criminal law. This applies equally to proceedings seeking protective orders which can and will affect your time with your children.

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One family should not need two lawyers and a Judge to resolve one problem. Family Mediation Services is founded on the principal that it is less expensive to mediate than litigate and since you, the real party in interest made the decisions at mediation you should be able to schedule and participate without the added cost of an attorney. We offer mediation for Divorce , Child Custody , and Child Support issues in a forum designed to lessen stress, save time and money.