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Listen Now. The mission of the Department is to prepare students for public service careers in the fields of criminal justice and social work. In furtherance of this mission, the faculty recognize the connection between excellence in education, research, scholarship, and service with applied, theoretical, and policy relevance.

Thus the Department strives to provide students with knowledge, skills and values that are sufficient to serve in social service and criminal justice systems, prepare them for professional and managerial careers as well as research and advanced study. Turn on more accessible mode.

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Turn off more accessible mode. Associate Professor Kevin Buckler joins Houston Matters to discuss the potential gaps in the reporting of officer related shootings.

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Compliance Details. The degree course had valuable information that I have used for the past 5 years in a leadership role in my career. Last semester I completed all of my requirements for the criminal justice part of my degree and I like the way things work here. For instance, there are only a handful of CJ professors, which sounds bad but there are not too many students to where things get too bunched up. I guess what I am saying is that the department is close.

We all know each others' names and get the one on one experience we need outside of class. My favorite thing about this program is the legal side. We did a mock trial and had real judges come in to hear the cases.

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It gave us 'real world' experience and helped us learn more about the inner workings of the courtroom. As far as the faculty goes, most of them have worked in some form or fashion in the criminal justice system, so if we get a book that is based mostly on theory, we have them there to help us break it down into real-world terms. They created a curriculum to develop your own philosophy, not just recite theirs. I also liked that the professors taught the aspect of criminal justice that they were experts in, not trying to teach something that they had only read about.

Lastly, it felt like even though my major was the same as everyone else, we were divided into three different areas of the criminal justice system and were able to take those classes that were more dedicated to what we wanted to learn. Like I wanted to learn more about Law than policing so I took several Law classes and almost no policing classes.

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I am currently a Junior. My experience there is greatly enjoyable. Being the school it is, courses especially related closely to my major are extremely challenging. My professors are always there to help, and give sound advice to keep me in step with the curriculum. The payoff for the hard work is an education that is not only useful in the workforce but will stick with me for the rest of my life. I don't regret my choice of major for a second.

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The upper-level coursework consisted of easy online classes in criminal justice, psychology, and communications. The instructors were willing to answer all questions in a timely manner. The online portal was simple to use with minimal technological issues. My complaint is that the program did not adequately prepare me for the workforce. The courses consisted of reading and memorizing textbook material, but no hands-on experience was provided.

I had no opportunity to complete an internship program, and I was not able to find a job in my field of study upon graduation. I feel that the university could improve the program by helping students gain hands-on experience, either through an internship program or through adequate classroom training. I only just transferred here and I like it much better than my last university. I understand now why the University of North Texas is the number one transfer school in Texas. The University of North Texas is in the great city of Denton, Texas and there are always lots of things to do on campus as well as around town in downtown Denton.

The University of North Texas is well known for its Music programs and have won many awards and honors. While that is not the program I chose to graduate with I switched a couple times I really did enjoy the program. I had some excellent classes with interesting instructors who had industry experience. In the end, they assisted in guiding me towards a profession I was more suited for. One of my favorite classes was a very basic intro course. The instructor was ex-military and police and did an excellent job of giving us realistic expectations.

We also learned really interesting things about the way the system worked as a whole. I learned a lot about the justice system from that course, and also loved the forensic lab training that was provided. It was so fascinating to be able to learn that information. The Lone Star College system is comprised of many satellite campuses around Houston and surrounding areas and its main campus is in the Woodlands which make physical attendance possible without traveling too far.

The possible necessity of attending multiple campuses is one of the only downsides of attending the Lone Star College system. This is because not all courses are offered at all campuses. For example, not all courses offer Engineering classes or Computer Science classes.

However, I have begun to notice that more campuses are starting to offer the same courses. This problem is also negated by the fact that many, many courses are offered online. My experience taking courses online was far easier than I ever imagined.

Everything from registration to some tests can be taken online, and collaboration with other students and teachers is made through the online e-learning system. I have nothing but positive to say about the Lonestar College system. I had professors from all different walks of life. I really liked the diversity of the professors. Some had been in academia most of their lives, others had worked for various prisons and some had been in law enforcement. I loved that they had connections and would constantly bring people from prisons, law enforcement, and federal agencies to come speak with us.

I was always hearing that I would make a good Warden someday, but I would have to become a Correctional Officer and work my way up. Other than that I loved my time studying. TCU's campus is so warm and welcoming, and everyone in Fort Worth is proud to be the home of this school. I am about to start my senior year and I am already starting to be sad about having to eventually leave here.

It has been an enriching educational experience; the professors are experienced and understanding and most classes are not too big. I feel like everyone at this university cares. The buildings are modern and the campus is organized so conveniently, with most of almost all of the academic buildings close together.

The only part of my experience at TCU that was not so great, perhaps, was my experience with sorority life. A really big part of TCU's 8, students are Greek, and sometimes it can feel like it dominates other aspects of student life. But the football team is great recently joining the Big 12 and athletic events are always fun. If I could do college over again there is no doubt in my mind that I would still come to Texas Christian University.

The professors were all very professional and always kept the classes entertaining.