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At that time Murphy and the education advisors from Virginia and New Hampshire were very vocal about their opposition to this vision.

No, the state of Oklahoma will NOT be participating in this plan," she said. It is now , two decades since this plan was launched. Back in the 90's there was no social media and no grassroots activism of any serious note. The creators did not envision any public back lash and they had the support of business giants like IBM. They actually expected the public to lap it up. The government was going to make our kids college and career ready.

What's not to like? They certainly didn't anticipate any kind of coordinated public push back. Their blind spot was their inability to predict the public's rejection of any plan that was based on authoritarian central control. They didn't plan on the tiger moms, the constitutional resurgency and frankly the high level of awareness of so many parents about what goes on in school. Turns out there is plenty not to like. You can read Murphy's full article here. States that have rejected. Common Core 2 0 The American Principles Project and Concerned Women of America have produced a fabulous video series that describes what Common Core Standards are, how we got them and what we can do to get them out of our state.

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core. Working to regain local control of education in Missouri. Click here to edit title. If you're hearing increasing discussion of social-emotional learning SEL in your students' classrooms, you may be interested in the YouTube video below and a newly released report published by the Pioneer Institute about this highly marketed, but poorly supported addition to the purpose of public education as preparation for "college and career readiness" as defined by education elites.

Last Question: Why is it that MO's assessment scores in reading and math have plateaued or fallen on every metric the State Board of Education uses to monitor education in our state, but schools continue to "stay the course" begun 10 years ago? Byrne Memo Archive. Click here to see older Byrne Memos. August 14, By Mary Byrne, Ed. Secretary of Education from attempting,.

For example, earlier in the statute, Sec. In other words, Sec.

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NAGB acts independently of the U. The reasons are simple and they combine to push CCSS into the curriculum. The strategic secrecy and timing of the release of the final omnibus bill, sponsored by one U. Senator no public record is available to identify who crafted the bill mocked the legislative process.

No public hearings were held before the passage of the bill and legislators were excluded from providing input to the bill throughout its development. It seems that the solution to the crafty requirements of an unconstitutional bureaucracy can only be thwarted when Congress simultaneously 1 investigates the Gates Foundation and partnering non-governmental organization for their roles in CCSI and ESSA and 2 returns USED to the level of a bureau with no enforcement mechanisms on testing and content.

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HR Calls for an end of the U. Department of Education. It couldn't be more simple. Department of Education shall terminate December 31, Find your US Representat i ve. It's all about the data. The planned workforce is still the goal of the progressive government and now they are free to admit it. They are in the process of collecting data on every single American starting with our children in public schools.

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Check out Dr. Byrne's latest Powerpoint on the data collection efforts of the Federal and State governments here. If you want to see the embedded movies you will need to download the file from the page that pops up. When you see the message about scanning for virus, click Yes. Why data tracking of students is still important and what parents need to know about how much the system knows or wants to know about your child.

Please visit our Data page for details on who is collecting what, why and how.

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Race To The Top 2. This was to be is legacy to the American people. Human sexuality has become a wedge issue in American society, used deftly at times by those on both sides of the issue. Forcing a "yes" or "no" vote divides even further an already polarized electorate. I write as someone whose Church has faced divisions in the aftermath of a vote on human sexuality one year ago.

I am not eager to vote one more time on this matter, but I am even less eager to give into the power of a wedge issue. The prospect of Amendment 2 leaves them with an ill foreboding. It gives them a message of unwelcome in their own neighborhoods. It makes them feel marginally less safe; some even feel considerably less safe. Smith said they hear that the Amendment is supposed somehow to protect marriage; they know, however, that it is really about them.

Bishop Smith has it all wrong. The notion that gay safety or "hatred" is an issue, is a complete fiction. There are gays in most every neighborhood in America and they live at peace with their neighbors. It is as much a fiction as orthodox rabbis who screamed that Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" would result in violent anti-Semitic outbreaks in America and Jews being killed.


It never happened. It is as much a fiction that Episcopal sodomites constantly scream "they are trying to kill us," whenever some orthodox rector timidly stands up and says gay behavior is wrong and gets yelled at for being homophobic. It's a fiction. It has never happened. It is the same fiction that led V. Gene Robinson and Frank Griswold to wear flak jackets at Robinson's consecration - the fear being that some right wing "fundamentalist" Episcopal rector was waiting in the bleachers with a high-powered rifle to kill them. We applaud the state of Florida for teaching sex trafficking prevention and urge other states to follow suit.

This impeachment inquiry has been a witch hunt from the start.

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President Trump on Thursday blasted the House Democrats' plan to hold a public hearing for the impeachment inquiry, labeling it a. There were a lot of mixed reactions when Pres. The future of our country depends on your vote!

Join our Project as we work to give Christians a voice in government again. Join our Inner Circle, for our most generous investors. Human Trafficking. Read More. Religious Freedom. Faith and Freedom Coalition 16 hours ago. Likes: 23 Shares: 2 Comments: 5. Comment on Facebook Absolutely. Anna Wells.