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An IP address specifies a computer—or other network device—on a network. When one device sends traffic to another, the IP address is used to route that traffic to the appropriate place. Once the traffic reaches the right place, the device needs to know which app or service to send the traffic on to.

If the IP address is akin to a street address on a piece of mail, the port is something like the name of the person at that residence who gets the mail. All these methods should work no matter which version of Windows you use. Most of the time, that command will work fine.

What Is the Netstat Command?

After you hit Enter, the results may take a minute or two to fully display, so be patient. Here, for example, you can see that port is tied up by a process named picpick.

How To Trace Someone's IP In Cmd

If your printer has an LCD display, there will almost certainly be an option somewhere in the Settings menu to display the IP address on-screen. But, with a bit of poking around, you should be able to find it. Here's how to quickly check or change your IP address in Windows.

Read More if you wish. Explore more about: IP Address , Troubleshooting. Your email address will not be published. The Network Statistics command option you posted netstat -r does not show connected devices, it does show however, the IPv4 and IPv6 routing tables the same way as the "route print" command does.

Monitoring Network Status With the netstat Command - System Administration Guide: IP Services

You might want to correct this to say "netstat -a is all TCP connection endpoints and the socket has to be in a "Listening, Time Wait or Established" state to show any information! Top Deals. To remove the possibility of a host-based firewall causing a device networking problem, it can be disabled temporarily. The netstat command also displays the active connections that exist on a device; this is shown highlighted in Figure 4. The specific connection that is highlighted is being used by remote desktop to capture these images.

Note that without the -a option specified, the only connections that are displayed are the active connections, shown in Figure 5. Another very important option that is available with the netstat command is the statistics option.

What is netstat?

The netstat command can also be used to view the overall Ethernet statistics for a connection; this is done with the e command. The final thing that will be covered is the often-overlooked capability of the netstat command: the ability to display the specific processes that are responsible for each individual connection on a device.

This is especially important if a device is suspected of having been breached as this allows the user to display if any unauthorized processes are listening on a port. Below, figures 8 and 9 display the processes responsible for each TCP and UDP connection on the test device; the -p option is used for this purpose.

Use Built-In Tools to See What is Listening on a Port

The netstat command can be a very useful tool in a number of different situations and has been supported in Windows and other platforms for a number of years. This provides for a consistent tool that is easy to learn and use. Find out more about our cookie policy here.